Saturday, October 25, 2008

Do Her Mates have the Proof?

YES THERE'S MORE from Druanna
My girlfriend Diana and her boyfriend who is an ENGINEER, just came down from the mountain where they saw the ships! They have PICTURES! So she is sending them to me tomorrow okay! I want to add, when I saw this video, I felt a major streaming energy all through my body of peace and Love, no fear, no ego involved. It was intense. Do this! If you have animals, have them watch this video and check how they respond. Those ships were of light and love. My body doesn't lie. Peace. :)

All I can say is, It must have been one hell of a big mountain to take 3 days to get down from! Lets hope it lives up to all the hype, Im really not sure about this and all the light and love shit puts me right off. But you never know, we live in hope.

MORE UPDATE: This is from the girl herself -
LIes are done intentionally, and their is nothing to gain, believe me. I want more then anything to see footage, and I was a bit disappointed because no one has anything to show. I understand. It totally frickin sucks!! I want to see it in person really! Please I am not a lier, that is one thing that I truly am not. You dont think I feel bad too?

Well all I can say is if you feel bad about it then dont post on youtube unless you are sure, I would wait till I seen the clip before posting. We all want to belive and wish every new report will " BE THE ONE" but we will do more damage to us all if we go with our heart and not our head.

UPDATE: Theres been people saying the CNN video is linked to this, But as of yet we have found no proof that it is. OH and no updated video from her mates.

Lets give her a chance for her mates to post before we dismiss this one. As soon as it is up on you tube we will post it here. Here s hoping!


oryansbelt said...

Dont belive a word of it, If I had friend that had that film I would hound them down till I got it!
Hope I m wrong.

ufohunter said...

We have just stared this Blog today and are still working on it, But as soon as its up and runing right, we will post things a lot quicker.

If any of you find anything please send it to us.(good or bad)Lets get this ufo info out there.

I agree with you, But you just never know when the real deal will show up, Let hope its this one.

oryansbelt said...

Still no update from here or her mates.
Why not?
Good blog you have started here ufohunter,thanks.

oryansbelt said...

Still No video, I smell a rat and its a big one ,its people like her who give us a bad name. I dont mind all that new age jass along as they tell the truth when they are wrong, this seem too me to be a down right lie.

ufohunter said...

I hear what you are saying oryansbelt.But just as we think that its over, they say they now have the video, Make me wonder why they are not posting right away?

Quercus said...

The guy is an engineer apparently, so I am a bit disappointed he seems unable to describe what he is seeing succinctly.... Or do they call garage mechanics "engineers" in USA? Guess we'll have to wait and see the pics for ourselves

ufohunter said...

Time will tell quercus, She posted last night that she had seen the video,So why not put up then. I hope we are wrong with this but i got a feeling its nothing.