Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Report of Sighting in Fairfield Texas

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Here is the information we sent to Whitney Ashley at the Empire Tribune in Stephensville, this is about the second sighting Oct. 28th. I had already been in contact with her about our other sighting October 21st. We also observed strange things in January 2008 but did not report those to anybody. Here is a copy of what we sent to Whitney: Our back porch is right off our kitchen, we have four dogs on the ranch and I went outside to give two of them a treat at exactly 8:20 PM. I have gotten into the habit of scanning the sky because of what happened last week. As soon as I looked to the South West (in the direction of Temple), an object was very evident suspended just above the horizon. I watched it briefly, it was large (I was seeing it from far off), it had a definite red glow and had a faint strobe effect with a whitish blue light emitting around it. At this point, I called out to Andy (my significant other) and he came out and started watching it too. He said to go inside and see exactly what time it was. We watched this thing hover just above the horizon from 8:20 to 8:33 PM, so we were able to observe it for a long time. We actually wanted to get into the car and get closer but we knew it was so far away that we would probably lose it. Instead Andy went inside and got his rifle with a high powered scope on it to use as binoculars. We both looked at it through the scope. We could clearly see an oval or round object that had a red glow, it pulsated.

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