Tuesday, October 28, 2008

UPDATE : Druanna

We really dont want to show this CRAP here but as we have been following her and waiting for the great proof they had!, So we thought we better show you it.
No video of proof, only someone else saying there's things in the sky(with no Pics).Oh and he's on a phone too!
If you want to look at their photos go here,but I warn you they are bad.

There is also a photo on this site : http://www.10-14-08.blogspot.com/
Bewarned its the same new age ufo crap(as I call it!)

UPDATE: I really have a problem show any of this shit, But people that work on this blog with me says its still News(I think its just more crap)and as we have put her on before, so we should let you all know about new stuff,good or bad. I really want to take it off and give her no more air time,but I have to listin and I lost the vote! Please comment if you want us to take it off. Also comment if you would like more updates from this clown(my words!)

1 comment:

oryansbelt said...

you dont have to ask me what I think of all the lies she has told, Have they just fogot to show the video she said that she watched?
I m with you ufohunter, Get rid of her and her no show videos!