Saturday, October 25, 2008


Recorded with cell phone on October 24, 2008 near the Krško Nuclear power plant in Slovenia. A person working at the nuclear power plant recorded this UFO early in the morning. Also a Russian newspaper reported that a UFO was seen above the Krško Nuclear Power Plant in Krško, Slovenia, on several occasions between October 13 and October 16, 2008. This might explain the roughly five minute power outages that occurred in the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana and other cities and towns throughout the country during the UFO sightings, reported paranormal researcher Bill Knell from New York.

I like this one


couhallan said...

Cool Video. There where alot of strange thinks going on around Slovenia, I heard about mobile phones,camars and things going dead as well as the power going out. It looks very electrical(the UFO)

Very strange.

oryansbelt said...

That looks so weird, Is there more video's from that area?
I m going looking now will post If I find any.

ufohunter said...

We have just stared this Blog today and are still working on it, But as soon as its up and runing right, we will post things a lot quicker.

If any of you find anything please send it to us.(good or bad)Lets get this ufo info out there.

Oh, thanks and hi to our first two members,couhallan and oryansbelt.
Remember, look to the skys!